Spring Cleaning, Social Media Style
> Spring Cleaning, Social Media Style

30 March 2017

Spring is finally here, and with it comes the nudge to “spring clean.” To you, this may mean clearing out your home, ending personal relationships, or even trying a new and refreshing activity. Whatever it looks like for you, it’s undoubtedly a time for change. This often means clearing out the old.

Have you considered spring cleaning for your social accounts?

This should help you grow and answer key questions such as: is your strategy growing outdated? Where can you improve? Are there new features you’re missing out on?

 Below are three tips for “spring cleaning” your social media.

1.Reassess who you’re following.
Are you still following people who are no longer relevant to your brand? Dead accounts? Maybe you’re following so many people that you’re not really engaging with your community. Take stock of the accounts that are no longer relevant to what you do and unfollow. This will help you focus better on the community that is important to your presence!

2.Check your profiles for a consistent voice and brand.
Are your logos up to date on all platforms? Are your descriptions still relevant? Sometimes it’s good to give our profiles a refresh. Take time to see that your representation of your brand is both current and checks out consistently across varying platforms. You don’t want someone who sees your Instagram to feel confused by an altogether different brand voice on Twitter!

3. Are you making the most of new features?
As of this posting date, instagram still features stories on top of the “discover” section. Are you making the most of this feature? Have you tried Facebook’s new Stories feature? If you want to stay on top of the game, both in terms of standing out and optimizing discoverability, make the most of new features!

Finally, are you having FUN? While social media is an excellent marketing tool, it’s also the “billboard” for your brand, and you shouldn’t forget to be playful with it. A personal connection keeps people coming back to your account. Let your voice shine!

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