Announcement: Meet our new partner Musefind
> Announcement: Meet our new partner Musefind

18 July 2017

We’re always on the lookout for newer, better ways to offer you the best possible social media strategy for your brand. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce you to MuseFind, a platform we’re now collaborating with that allows us to incorporate influencer marketing into our services!

Quality Over Quantity

One of many things we love about influencer marketing? It’s simple. We’ll use MuseFind to partner up your brand with relevant micro-influencers on Instagram and other platforms who are not only interested in what you’re doing, but can introduce your brand to an entire community of like-minded people. We’re looking for quality, not quantity— micro-influencers have a more modest following than, say, your typical hollywood celebrity (usually 30K or less), but are followed by real individuals who care about the content that’s being posted. This means more engagement with your brand from a targeted audience who is already interested in the kind of stuff you’re working on.

We’ve Got You Covered

It’s important to find the perfect micro-influencers to promote your brand— this is where MuseFind comes in. They’ll match your brand with the ideal influencers, and we’ll do the rest! You can focus on doing what you love, and we’ll develop and maintain a relationship between your brand and your micro-influencers, so you both benefit from creating buzz about your products. MuseFind will even track your ROI, so you’ll know it’s worth every penny!

The Results Speak For Themselves

One MuseFind case study reported that just one micro-influencer got Felix Gray, a designer eyewear brand, over $50,000 in sales in only a month— that’s an 800% sales increase for the brand. It wasn’t just that the micro-influencer’s post gave exposure to the brand— it was that the post was exposed to the right audience (a community of people who were already interested in what Felix Gray was promoting, but needed to be introduced to Felix Gray!).

Is It Right For You?

MuseFind partnerships specifically work best with fashion brands or brands in the baby industry. Still, we’ve noticed that collaborating with micro-influencers is a great strategy for most brands, especially since Instagram recently changed their algorithm to favor quality content. Micro-influencers are trusted to provide their audience with quality brands — when their followers see you in a post, they’ll be more willing to engage with your brand because of their familiarity with the person posting it.

We’re always growing at FDM, so keep an eye out for more updates on our services and collaborations! Contact us today so we can partner you with the perfect micro-influencers for your brand through MuseFind, and start developing your ideal social media strategy today.

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