Easy Ways to Get Started on Pinterest
> Easy Ways to Get Started on Pinterest

23 February 2017

Does your brand rely heavily on visuals? If so, you should be on Pinterest. Why? Let’s look at the numbers.

  • Pinterest has over 150 million active users per month
  • Pinterest is global. Over 80 million users are live beyond the United States
  • Over two billion searches are made on the site each month
  • 87% of users have reported purchasing an item because they saw it on Pinterest
  • It is second only to Facebook in reliably driving traffic to a designated website (e.g., your company’s website)*

But does the idea of launching a campaign on yet another social media platform seem a bit overwhelming? Relax. Here’s how you can get up and running with a bare minimum of fuss.

Use the Pin Collective

Pinterest has brought together a number of experts to form teams that will assist your company in creating marketing campaigns that are both professional and stylish. Each social media platform has its own best practices, and these experts will steer you toward what works best on Pinterest.

Use the Pin Factory

In addition to its regular pins, Pinterest has what it calls Promoted Pins. These are pins for which companies pay to have placed at the top of search results and feeds. It’s quite similar in approach to Google AdWords, and anyone who has used AdWords knows that there is definitely a learning curve to using a paid ad platform.

Pinterest developed the Pin Factory to teach new advertisers how to get the most from their advertising dollar when using Promoted Pins. The Factory’s goal is to remove that sharp bend from that beginner’s learning curve.

Use Buyable Pins

If you designate that an item is for sale, it can be purchased on Pinterest without the user ever leaving the site. Not only do you keep the user’s eyeballs where you want them, but you get to keep all the proceeds from his purchase. Pinterest takes a 0% cut.

Obviously, Pinterest is committed to making it simpler and simpler for small and medium-sized businesses to establish an effective presence on its platform, so take full advantage of the guidance Pinterest is offering.

There are also plenty of helpful third-party guides to maximizing your Pinterest campaign.

And, of course, there’s Fire Dash Media. We’re well-versed in all social media. If you’re looking for experienced professional development of a successful social media campaign, contact us today.




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