Don’t Burn Out on IG This Summer
> Don’t Burn Out on IG This Summer

27 June 2017

Summer heat makes us all want to pause and slow down, except when it comes to social growth. While summer is a time to slow down, pause, and maybe even try a little digital detox, the world keeps spinning and for marketers, we have to keep making waves (not just at the beach.)… While many have been lamenting the changes to instagram’s algorithm we also see it as an opportunity to get creative and try new things. Evolve and thrive!

Here are five ways to keep your Instagram from burning out this summer.
(P.S. many of these tips take into account Instagram’s NEWEST algorithm preferences…)

1. Use Instagram stories! We know, things are constantly changing with the algorithm, and sometimes last week’s hot social media tip is already a decade old in internet years. But Instagram is still prioritizing stories in its search area. Our insider tip is to do about 4 stories a day for optimum engagement.

2. Engage with the followers of your favorite accounts. Who is liking and commenting on the posts of the accounts whose growth you admire, or whose following you’d like a slice of? Take 30 minutes everyday to research and engage with these people. This is your future community!

3. Stay current on current events! Summer’s social events tend to be more playful. Take advantage of that! Have you set a plan for July 4th? Are you making the most of local festivals and events in your area? Is your vacation the perfect opportunity for inspirational content? These are all great things to consider, and might make you rethink this whole “summer slowdown” thing.

4. Focus on COMMUNITY! Instagram tends to value engagement over sheer followers. Feeling discouraged because your following hasn’t hit the numbers you’d like to see? It’s actually much more important to have an active community than a large number of followers. Hit up the hasthags, engage with your followers, and remember social is also supposed to be fun.

5. What you engage with on Instagram determines how you’re seen. In other words, you likely see only 30% of the content that you follow, thanks to the algorithm. Be careful who you engage with, because that’s who shows up. Conversely, you show up more to people who already engage with you. So don’t go on a wild follow spree if it’s not on brand!

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