5 Insider Tips for Successful Video Marketing
> 5 Insider Tips for Successful Video Marketing

29 June 2016

Let’s face it: video marketing is the hot marketing tool of today’s online world. To be ahead of the curve and to make the most out of your marketing repertoire, video production has to be on your list. A strategic video marketing campaign will give you a leg up against the competition and add depth and variety to your advertising. Here are a few helpful hints from the perspective of a filmmaker that will help your brand:



1. Focus on the Story

The best and most successful video campaigns are never really about the product or services offered. There are video campaigns where the products are not shown at all even. What you want to focus on is the story and message behind the product and brand. The goal of video campaigns is to draw the audience to your company’s values and that is best told through stories that speak to the hearts and minds of your viewers. Don’t focus on the sale but on making lasting connections with your would-be customers and clients.


Video Post6


2. Know your Brand and Identity

With the last point said, it is important to understand your branding and identity if you want to know what kind of stories to tell and the audience you want to reach. This will guide you and your company in the style of videos you should be. Videos for marketing purposes come in all forms: fictional stories, short documentaries, tutorial type videos, animation, etc. When you know what you are all about, your videos will be able to more effectively translate your message to your viewers.


3. Serialize your Video Campaign  

Great things come in multiples. When coming up for ideas for a video campaign, it is helpful to think of a video series. There’s a reason why people love binge watching Netflix TV shows – a series can be addictive by hooking people in. Especially when the video or episode is rather short, it makes it prime for the audience to keep wanting to watch more. A series also allows your videos to be cohesive and united: you can expand on certain themes or topics of your choosing. This will also help with consistency if you release an episode of the series every week for example.

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4. Short and Sweet Videos

With so much other media vying for the attention of your audience, it is almost a necessity that your videos be short and sweet. Imagine yourself browsing your newsfeed on Facebook or when you watch a video on Youtube and an ad plays. That is only a couple of seconds to capture the attention of your audience before they go on to the next thing. What is going to be the first image that keeps the attention of your viewer?



5. Find the Right Collaborators

This may prove to be the most difficult part of creating a video marketing campaign: finding the right people to help produce it. If you want quality videos, you will have to scour for someone who understands your vision as well as have the equipment and technical know-how of how to get it done. I would suggest not just finding a videographer but a storyteller. There is a marked difference: a storyteller will go out of his or her way to create original content while a videographer is only there to record. It may not be easy to find them or cheap for that matter as video production has high costs but investing in great videos will give you great results.



About the Writer:

David Koh is an NYC based filmmaker and artist. Having graduated from NYU last year, David has produced and directed award winning short films. He has worked with various start-ups and companies producing video content. Currently he works with the production company Through the Lens Entertainment.

You can find him at
Instagram: @thedkoh, @dramaticfood


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